My story

No, I do not speak Spanish. I know only a few words, many of which shouldn’t be used outside Donald’s locker room.

When I was young I read a lot of books. Living in a rural community in East Texas, there was not much else that could be done when there was idle time available. Many of the books I read were second hand paperbacks my uncle brought for grandmother and I from the VA Hospital where he worked.

I recall reading a lot of detective books, mostly by Earl Stanley Gardner as A.A. Fair. I also read a lot western novels. I can’t recall the author’s name but in everyone of his books he use the Spanish phrase, “¿Quién sabe?”, followed by the translation, “Who knows?” I have searched several times trying to find that author’s identity, but this far I have not been successfull. Please contact me if you think you know his (or her) identity.

As a young man fresh from high school I was very imature. Eleven years very successful years serving in the United States Navy prepared me for a successful professional life.

After my service, I used my technology skills in various service positions before becomming a software developer circa 1990. My first language was’c’ followed by ‘c++’, but for the past 20 odd years I have worked with bash, perl, php, ruby, puppet and most recently python.

I have used several psuedoyms during my lifetime as I navigated the virtual world. Quien Sabe is the latest, and undoubted my last.

I hope you have found something here of interest, but regardless thanks for stopping by.